Prestigious: To Demand Respect and Admiration.


                 As the industry leader in .999 Fine Copper Bullion Art Bar, Ingot, and Round Collectibles we consider ourselves to be held to a more Higher standard then most others. The Prestige of such a title makes us Honored to serve you. At PrestigiousBullion we are firmly committed to the service and care of our ever growing and Diverse Clientel.

                   Whether it’s a 1oz. round or 100 Pound bars our service will never deviate, all clients are equally important- always Demand Prestigious service from us. With a name Like PrestigiousBullion you should settle for nothing less.

                     Our Signature line of Art Bars is unmatched Worldwide. From our massive Patriotic line to our Exclusive only to us series of Fallen Heros, Christ Line, and Cannabis Clones Legalize It, We have a little something for everyone. If you don’t find what you are looking for contact us and we can discuss your personal custom design. We have the capabilitys at our Manufacturing Facility to bring your dreams and ideas to life.

                       From straight raw materials grade copper and other metals, to Fabricated items, and high polish Pristine Collectible metal items we have a wide range of capabilitys. Add in our extensive network of Affiliates, Suppliers, Trading Partners, and Sub Contractors and we can just about accomplish anything you may desire. Feel free to test our skills today,



Our Affiliates



 ​If you wish to become a Wholesaler or Affiliate please fill out our Wholesaler form on our website, or call 302-947-9536 to see if you fit the criteria.