Our Return Policy is as follows. We accept returns within 5 business days from the date you receive your items. All Returns must be verified by contacting us at 302-947-9536 or email at All basic returns shipping is buyers responsibility. We also charge a 10% Restock fee on all applicable returns. Once return is received and verified we will refund.

           This does not apply to strict bullion items such as  Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Palladium. Due to market volatility any of these items your sale is final and there are no returns unless you receive the wrong item or there is a glaring defect.

           If at anytime the item you receive is damaged or somehow flawed in some way we accept them and the Full responsibility which this entails. We will pay for the return shipping and the 10% restock fee will be waved. Once we inspect the item if indeed it is defective, damaged, or the wrong item then ordered we will then refund the full 100% purchase price and as stated waive the 10% restock fee and return shipping.

           Please mail all returns to: 

      Attn: Returns Dept. PMLLC P.O. Box 120 Georgetown, DE 19947